an ecosystem designed to HELP entrepreneurs REACH the middle market

We are creating a first-of-its-kind collaborative ecosystem, specifically for entrepreneurs who have successfully grown past the startup and still aspire to reach the middle market.  Our members develop key relationships and discover new models for growth in a physical environment conducive to interaction, dialogue, and learning.




Here at TrueSpace, we have big goals. By 2030, we aim to have helped 10,000 entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses and reach the middle market; to have stimulated 500,000 new jobs; and to have empowered $150 billion in collective enterprise value.


The TrueSpace Ecosystem


We believe that these four elements are necessary for the post-startup entrepreneur. When utilized to their full potential, our place within the Denver Tech Center, our Five Conditions™ assessment and recognition, our in-person and web-based education, and our carefully curated network of experts will move a small business toward the high-value middle market.