The Science of Business Growth™
Thu, Feb 06 | TrueSpace, LLC

The Science of Business Growth™

The ultimate objective of this two-day Forum is to understand and apply the science behind business growth. Specifically designed for business owners and chief executive officers to apply the research methodology conducted by TrueSpace and Gallup to help their businesses reach the middle-market.
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Time & Location

Feb 06, 2020, 8:00 AM – Feb 07, 2020, 5:00 PM
TrueSpace, LLC, 4600 S Ulster St #1450, Denver, CO 80237, USA

About the Event

The Objectives of the Forum 

Grasping the science behind the Five Conditions Research™ for practical application.

The basis of the Forum is to provide both relevancy and rigor to the entrepreneur in terms of the research conducted by TrueSpace and Gallup; specifically, to define the role of the CEO to create five operating conditions necessary to grow to the middle market. Attending and participating in the Forum will provide to the entrepreneur, a deep-dive into the six-year research effort that identified a set of operating conditions in top peforming companies of the lower middle market - that were not evident in smaller aspiring firms. The recently released research, statistically validated 12 systems that must exist and provide dynamic feedback for a business to effectively reach the middle markets. A participant will be involved in an experiential learning environment with the following outline: 

Defining growth 

We begin by defining growth for the entrepreneur well beyond top-line economics. This work, in the early part of the Forum, sets the direction of the dialogue and instruction toward sustainable growth and the ongoing creation of Enterprise Value. 

Seeing the operation of your business as a teacher for growth 

The Five Conditions assessment compares the entrepreneur's business to a national top-performing benchmark. Thirty operational elements are compared against the benchmark and the outcome provides a preview of the firm's position relative to the middle market. The comparison is highly instructional on what parts of a business are performing well and areas that need improvement. 

Becoming growth capable 

Two important questions must be addressed if the middle market is the eventual target for growth. Is the business correctly positioned to grow and if so, can it scale? The science behind the answers to these questions is discussed in terms of how the finite resources of time, capital and talent are focused for growth and if the organizational discipline exists to provide the repetition and efficiencies for scale. 

Leading a predictable operation 

The outcome of the operating conditions of Alignment and Discipline is predictability. Becoming predictable, as an operating condition, has the strongest statistical correlation to increasing enterprise value and improving the confidence of key stakeholders. The instruction during the Forum looks closely at how the CEO is refining operating assumptions, adjusting resources and creating a system for lead generation to meet the forecast. 

Building endurance 

The operating condition of endurance becomes a force multiplier for not only the growth potential of the firm, but also the ability to sustain year-over-year gains. The work at the Forum exposes the gap between the startup hustle and the need to find a consistent pace for the people making it happen daily. Whereas the capability to grow emanates from Alignment and Discipline conditions, sustaining growth is a derivative of the people capable of enduring a journey to the middle market. 

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