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True describes our core values and the way we approach our mission. We are committed to providing an authentic environment for our members and our partners. One that is free of the fabrication we see in the rapid growth narrative, and one that promotes learning, transparency and honesty.



Space describes who we serve and how we serve them. We aim to help businesses that survived the startup only to find themselves in a space where attention and support remain scarce. We believe in not only providing them the resources and tools to grow, but also a home for them to collaborate with a network built just for their type of business. 

That is the essence of


This father and daughter team co-founded TrueSpace in 2014 with a mission to help second stage entrepreneurs achieve sustainable growth and add new jobs to the economy. The chemistry of the two-generation team is evident in the company culture, the research and even the two fonts of the TrueSpace logo. 


Our research team launched an immersive study that would span the next five years and include 150 businesses to uncover barriers to growth for businesses in the post-startup phase. 

At its core, TrueSpace is a research firm anchored by a multi-year study of sustainable growth in businesses with $2 to $10 million in revenue. The methods, tools and capital instruments of TrueSpace all tie back to the research which identified the Five Operating Conditions necessary for small businesses to reach the middle market. An ethnographic research method was used to immerse the TrueSpace team into the daily working environments of businesses. The study, through a partnership with Gallup, now extends to over 4000 business across the U.S. For the first time, we have the science and the data to better understand the processes, cultures, challenges, motivations, and themes that emerge in businesses that reach the middle markets. 

The Five Conditions Assessment is built using a systems dynamic construct assuming all businesses are closed loop systems. The research identified twelve distinct closed loops in each business that reached the middle markets. The data also showed the lack of these systems in businesses struggling to grow past $2 million in revenue. 30 flows (key resources) impact the closed loop systems and allow the assessment to score a business against a top performing benchmark.